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There are over 120 different Merit Badges that cover an extensive amount of different subjects.  Scouts must earn a certain number of merit badges in order to advance in rank for the Star, Life and Eagle Ranks.

There are xx Merit Badges that are classified as Eagle Required Merit Badges.  12 of these badges are mandatory in order to reach the Eagle rank.  They may be earned in any sequence but a certain number are required for each of the upper ranks.

While no Merit Badges are required to earn the Tenderfoot, 2nd Class or 1st Class ranks, Scouts may begin to earn badges anytime after joing Boy Scouts.



Troop 379 Rule

Eagle Required Merit Badges may only be earned at a council sponsored summer camp or through one of the Troop 379 adult leaders.



Merit Badge Counselors

In order to teach a Merit Badge, adults must be registered with the Boy Scout organization.  Requirements are:

   1)  Submit an Adult Leader Application to the Troop Committee Chairman.

   2)  Submit the Merit Badge Application form - please provide your specific qualifications for the badge of interest.

   3)  Take the On-Line course through the National organization  "Youth Protection Training".  Turn in the certificate along with the applications.

How to Earn Merit Badges

In a Group

Twice a year, the Salt River District offers group Merit Badge courses.  These are typically scheduled the first weekend in December and then 2 weekends in June.

Merit Badges typically have pre-requisites -  This means that there are things that must be done before attending the Merit Badge class.  If not done, you would only receive a partial completion credit.

The Grand Canyon Council also offers certain Merit Badges through community Partners.   These partners arrange their  own locations and methods of sign up.  Links can be found through the Grand Canyon Council website.  Typically there is a small fee to sign up for one of these badges.

As an Individual Scout

Any Merit Badges may be earned by an individual scout.  It is the responsibility of the scout to identify an adult counselor  for the Merit Badge of interest.  You may contact adult leaders in the troop who may be able to direct you to counselors.

You should obtain a Merit badge phamplet through the troop librarian or purchase it at the Scout shop.

You should contact the Merit Badge counselor and ask what their procedure may be to earn the badge.

 All Eagle required Merit Badges have an adult leader in Troop 379 who does the badge for scouts.

You should never meet alone with a Merit Badge counselor - you should always have another scout buddy or parent in attendance.

At a week long council sponsored Summer Camp

Every Summer camp offers Merit Badges to be earned during the week.  Both Eagle and Standard badges may be earned.